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Raising a toddler with Celiac Disease

A poll! What brings you here? August 23, 2011

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Back to blogging! March 30, 2011

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I have been on a break from blogging and tweeting, but have decided to get back on the ball. Somehow in the past year, we have learned a ton about Celiac disease, gluten free diets, and everything associated with them. I also am back to tweeting! If you would like to follow, go here: CeliacMama. I remember when my little girl was first diagnosed with Celiac disease at almost 12 months, it seemed so daunting. Now, figuring out what she can eat is second nature! And, she has gained over 9 lbs in this one year of gluten free living. She was at the 70th percentile for weight at 6 months and dropped to less than the 10th percentile from about one year to 15 months and now at 2 years old is back up to the 50th percentile! It is so rewarding to see that eating gluten free really does work for my Toddler Celiac. And, who can resist chubby cheeks??

Unfortunately, she has some other health issues going on as well. I mentioned in a previous post about leg fractures (she has now had two), but she also has a pretty significant speech delay and gross motor delay. And, she has a referral to a neurologist for tremors/shakes. I feel like the poor girl can’t get a break.

Well, I look forward to connecting with other people with a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. I am by no means an expert, but I can give some tips on gluten free toddlers!


Fractures/breaking bones and Celiac Disease

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My toddler celiac has fractured her leg for the second time, so I have started doing investigation on the correlation between fractures and celiac disease. (Have I mentioned that I am a scientist myself? Sure, I study the weather, but the need to research is in my blood.) Unfortunately, it looks like there is a correlation.  In the 2007 article, Celiac Disease and Risk of Associated Bone Fractures, it says that children (and adults) with Celiac disease are significantly more likely to fracture bones for up to 20 years after diagnosis. It looks like these results were again confirmed in 2011. I am not entirely sure how to treat this since she is already getting a liquid multivitamin and gets plenty of calcium. Any tips?