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About April 8, 2010

Update on 4/02/2012 – Little Boo has now been gluten free for over two years.  She is back up to where she should be for weight and height.

Update on 3/30/2011 – It has now been one year! Little Boo is two years old and doing fantastic on the gluten free diet. She has gained 9 lbs in a year!
I decided to start this blog after finding out my youngest daughter is a Celiac.  Little Boo turned one in March and we are figuring out what she can eat and what is actually tasty!  I am breastfeeding her, so I am going gluten-free as well.  I also have two older daughters (Lulu and Peanut) who are getting to sample all kinds of gluten-free recipes as well.

One of the questions I frequently get asked is what were my daughter’s symptoms?  She was diagnosed extremely young, but her symptoms were pretty severe.  The biggest symptom for her was that she wasn’t gaining weight.  She dropped from the 70th percentile for weight to the 10th percentile in three months.  Other symptoms include delayed gross motor and generally very weak muscle tone, delayed speech, anemia, extremely elevated alkaline phosphatase levels (which we will be investigating further), and constipation.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Glugle Gluten-Free Says:

    Hi Celiac Mama,

    I decided to check out your blog after you followed me on twitter. I am in a similar yet opposite situation. I have Celiac disease, but my son has never been diagnosed. That’s probably because I never give him gluten since we don’t have it in the house. He only gets a little bit when we go out, and I watch him like a hawk for any symptoms. Looking back, I have had symptoms my whole life but only found out I had it 4 years ago.

    Anyway, I am trying to start a website that will be an all-inclusive place for people to get information, recipe ideas, reviews on everything from food, to restaurants, to doctors. But I am starting it off with a blog. I would love to include your blog on my list of “friends”. It looks like you are going to be putting up some fun, family-friendly recipes. Would that be ok?

    I wish you luck and fun on your new journey.


  2. Joseph W. Says:

    Hi Celiac Mama,

    I follow you on twitter and had to check out your blog. The new design is great. It is wonderful and powerful that you are taking life’s challenging circumstances (a young child with Celiacs Disease) and making the most of the situation by sharing the battle. It is similar to what @JennyMcCarthy is doing in her battle for her son against autism. I love your sense of fun.

    Keep it up! Overcoming life’s obstacles, endeavoring to persevere, sharing experiences and providing leadership are most powerful catalysts for positive change. I started working to spearhead eco-friendly (go green) + shop local initiatives in 2003, started a new media / coalition marketing “.COM” start-up (http://www.myjoecard.com). It has been a rich learning and growing environment!!

    I’ve been meaning to get a blog going for a few years now, and will finally be launching one this month. Let me know if there is anything I can do to forward your cause. You should start a non-profit foundation to battle Celiacs Disease!!


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